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Video Stroboscopy Technology Helps to Diagnose Voice Problems

Horaseness is one thing when it accompanies a sore throat or cold for a short period of time. However, persistent hoarseness is another matter, entirely, which should be seen by a physician.

At Michael R. Gatto, M.D. & Associates, we have invested in new technology by Ecleris Technology which helps to diagnose voice problems such as hoarseness. Called Video Stroboscopy, it is a specialized diagnostic procedure in which a rapidly flashing strobe light enables doctors to view the vocal cords in what appears to be slow motion. This painless procedure entails placing a rigid, angled laryngoscope on the patient's tongue which then allows a tiny camera to visualize the larynx (voice box). The patient is instructed to say different sounds while the doctor looks through the camera.

"The slow-motion effect enables us to see problems in the motion of the vocal cords, or how nodules or other growths are affecting the way the cords move together to make sound," explains
ear, nose and throat specialist, Michael R. Gatto, MD. "The results can be recorded, so it also is useful in evaluating progress during treatment of voice disorders."

"Evaluation of the voice box is also usually necessary prior to voice or speech therapy," Dr. Gatto adds. "We can tailor treatment based on any abnormalities seen with vocal cord movement," he continues. "And since we can store these digital pictures in a computer database, we can compare them to later videos to document improvement during treatment."

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